Tenori-on we accept you we accept you HEY!

By rights I ought to be opposed to any one-(wo)man band that doesn’t include leg straps, a hi-hat and a big bass drum, but I find myself charmed soppy by this.

Full disclosure: My friend Jan from Spare Snare (new album out April 20, preorder now!) collects Stylophones (now back in production and only $20!) so I suppose that helps, and Tenori-on (which I first heard about via BoingBoing, same as you) resembles 1981 ELECTRONIC LIGHTFIGHT GAME of DUELING LIGHTS Milton Bradley #4144, the only game I’ve ever been any good at (which is a little like being vain about your elbows), but there’s something really good going on here. Well played, Little Boots!

Via Gibson Blog and (I notice belatedly) Palm Sounds (which I will now stay away from before I buy an ass-load more musical gear and cause my house to subside). (On 24th St. in Mpls today, an old man with a Stratocaster and a tiny battery-powered amp said he had been playing for forty-two years and was just beginning to figure it out. He blessed me and Andrew, and I felt genuinely blessed.)

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