The current incarnation of the Tuesday Series takes place through an unmarked door and up some stairs to an abandoned second-floor apartment. The third act on the bill last night was a series of improvised duets between Naomi Joy on violin and Jon Davis on clarinet and bass clarinet.

The musicians banged back shots of telepathy and then chased each other flat out playing follow the leader and monkey-see-monkey-do. I ended up doubled over with recognition.

My daughters and I play the same musical games: chasing and mirroring each other with our voices and/or household objects until we fall down from laughter or hyperventilation, but the girls and I don’t possess frighteningly-acute instrumental skills. I asked Naomi about this after the show, and she said something along the lines of, “We’ve kind of moved through technique.”

I believe her.

Image CC-BY by slifex

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