The First Child Born in Outer Space

The first child born in outer space
was an accident
the result of an impulse–a joke, almost–
between two people who don’t even like each other.

Sex was slippery
and awkward
like climbing a tree
or jumping off a roof.

Continuous free-fall
has advantages and disadvantages.
It’s a curse in the first trimester
and a blessing in the third.

Childbirth in space
is exactly the hell you’d imagine.
Gravity is no help,
and the father is a bully.

Our baby floats there
in a cloud of afterbirth
eyes open wide
too startled to cry.

Vigeland fetus CC-BY-NC-SA by rwhgould

4 thoughts on “The First Child Born in Outer Space

  1. A Carlson

    Umbilical cord space birthing method: kicking off of a wall while holding onto a rope, pregnant person slowly floats in one direction, and then, they pull the rope stopping of a sudden. The baby keeps going until it pops out.


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