Giant Primates of North Dakota


My NaNoWriMo novel this year is Giant Primates of North Dakota.

It’s some kind of ugly hoax that we only get posted to these anonymous corners of Earth. I sometimes imagine the globe redrawn, with all the mid-continental portions erased or flooded or replaced by warm-water lakes visited by free-spirited Danes who pull their dresses over their heads and swim naked and expect everyone to be as carefree as they are—but then I come to myself and realize that I have onions to chop or cameras to repair or guns to clean.

2 thoughts on “Giant Primates of North Dakota

  1. Andrea

    I need the long-form version of this, pronto! Also, since it is almost Christmas, I want a cook book of ridiculous launch sequences, guided meditations and recipes for field dressing dinosaurs. Just putting that out there.


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