Fritz Bogott (fritzbogott.com, @fritzbogott) grew up reading novels and writing code in Austin, Minnesota, the birthplace of Spam. After studying math, German and Chinese at a weirdly long list of American and Taiwanese colleges and universities, he worked as an engineer in Scotland, Ethiopia, Singapore and Chile and helped start the company GovDelivery. His stories have been published in Innsmouth Free Press, Kek-W Quarterly, Startling Adventures, Weaponizer, Jack Move, Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure and Giant Chicken Stories Magazine. He builds elaborate machines with his wife and daughters in Northfield, Minnesota.

Published Works
The Kármán Line Brevet, Bikes in Space: A Feminist Science Fiction Anthology (2013)
The Only Reason, Haiku of the Living Dead (2012)
Ningyodashi, New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan (2012)
L.A. General, Doctor Hurley’s Snake Oil Cure (2012)
The Wouri Horror, Innsmouth Free Press (2012)
After It Changed, Jack Move Magazine (2012)
BFC, Giant Chicken Stories Magazine (2011)
Muckanaghederdauhaulia, Doctor Hurley’s Snake Oil Cure (2011)
Rougaille de Poisson, Jack Move Magazine (2011)
Dutchman, Startling Adventures (2010)
Sixteen Tons, Weaponizer (2010)
Mummy Dust, Kek-W Quarterly (2009)

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