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Long Walk

I’ve been busy trying to weasel a couple of friends into starting their own novels, and I have finally decided to pull up my own socks. So: Here’s the log line for my next one:

A drifter with a magic marbleglass eye, a magic drachma and a passion for Doctor Pepper sobers up from a decade-long bender and goes off in search of his son.

Image CC-BY-NC-SA by Ben McLeod

Twins from Matsu

Story idea I’ve been playing with for years. I came up with a log line for it yesterday, and I have to testify!

Twins from Matsu, feel each other’s pain, separated at birth, one goes on to spy for the mainland, the other to spy for Taiwan, brought into conflict, fail to recognize each other, love triangle, fight with guns and kung-fu, kill each other in the end.

Shakespearean Espionage Kung-Fu Tragedy.

Say it with me now!

Video janked from myspace

Boggle and Sneak Release Date: May 1, 2008

Lots of great Boggle and Sneak news!

I have been working with freelance editor Marisa Ring, and she has given me the green light to send the manuscript to the copy editor. Mozhi is working so hard on the illustrations that he has become completely obscured by a corona of splashing ink and wadded paper. Everything is on track for a May 1 release date of the free PDF and hardcover (via Lightning Source) editions.

Mark your calendars!

The Weeds


I’m down in the weeds, trying to interject the perfect fifty words somewhere into the last third of Boggle and Sneak, to clarify a plot point that has stumped a couple of readers. I feel about eight inches tall, pretty much like the creatures in the story.