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Boggle and Sneak

Boggle and Sneak

My three-year-old daughter told me a story one evening about inventor trolls who travel to our house in jury-rigged vehicles and subject us to Rube Goldberg practical jokes. Boggle & Sneak is an extension of that story involving kidnapping, shoplifting, rapid prototyping and wiener ballistics. The hardcover includes awesome flipbook animation by Mozhi (watch it).


Boggle & Sneak

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In the middle of writing today’s second scene, I found myself staring out the window a little too long, so I went and put on my usual mismatched pair of beat-up running shoes and went out to till up a section of the back lawn for the girls to use as a garden plot. It’s at least several weeks too late to be starting a garden, but we’ve been suffering from horrible rototiller karma all spring (broken rototillers, immovably-huge rototillers, friends who almost lent us rototillers…) and the girls really want to put seeds (or leggy marigolds from the trays on display outside the supermarket) in the ground. So: Breaking up sod with a rototiller. When I got back from that, I found a comment on yesterday’s post from pilgrimtinker asking me to post the troll story. I’ll be happy to do that, although it will expose you to my pitifully-small word-counts, continuity problems and other early-draft ugliness. I went back and took a look at the current state of the first troll story scene, and it needs work before I’m willing to expose it, so that goes on the docket for tomorrow: Draft two and a half Pismo scenes, clean up troll scene, post troll scene.

On the plus side, I opened up yesterday’s Amazon package containing an inexpensive Bluetooth headset recommended by the Dragon people: blueparrot Bluetooth VXI Roadwarrior B150 Wireless Headset. “Proven by truck drivers in noisy environments. Blocks engine, wind & other background noises.” I have been trying to psych myself up to cutting out the longhand step and drafting directly by voice. But draftin’ while truckin’? That’s for me.