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Memory Palace


This isn’t really news—Wired will probably be on it thirteen minutes from now—but it was news to me.

My architect brother-in-law has just picked up a freelance gig designing navigational interfaces for MAS patients.

As the grinders (ex-grinders, friends-of-grinders, grinder-aware, yadda yadda) among you will have already picked up, a substantial number of MAS patients, unable to establish a working chronology or prevent spontaneous retrieval, end up essentially drowned by their own memories. (This will probably be fodder for song lyrics and satire fifteen years from now, but if it happens to your sister it is no fucking joke.)

Anyway, it turns out there is a growing cottage industry designing bespoke memory palaces for MAS patients (which seems far out until you remember that Pakistan now earns most of its foreign exchange from custom-on-demand prosthetics). Word is: If you’re going to Cuba, for fuck’s sake talk to an architect first. Don’t get stuck in a pole barn with your whole life’s worth of memories. (Or if you do, bring some burning tar and a big fucking knife.)

(Photo CC-BY-NC-SA by lfaisco)