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Boggle and Sneak Release Date: May 1, 2008

Lots of great Boggle and Sneak news!

I have been working with freelance editor Marisa Ring, and she has given me the green light to send the manuscript to the copy editor. Mozhi is working so hard on the illustrations that he has become completely obscured by a corona of splashing ink and wadded paper. Everything is on track for a May 1 release date of the free PDF and hardcover (via Lightning Source) editions.

Mark your calendars!


Ho Ho Ho

Happy December!

Boggle and Sneak and Pismo are nearing print-ready status. In two weeks, I’ll be traveling (in an armor-plated all-terrain Chris-Craft) to Mozhi’s secret headquarters, to work with him on the book designs. If all goes well, you can look for publication announcements in January!

As of today, my friend Maryalice (that’s her holiday greeting above) will be doing some of the illustrations for the blog. She was over on Friday, and we got into a speed-drawing contest. I ended up being so inspired that I immediately produced a comic in the form of a deck of ninety-nine cards (Web and print versions will be out shortly).

That was so much fun that I started work on a book of ninety-nine 750-word stories including Azuki Beans, in which a chain-letter leads to love won and a house destroyed, and Saint-Nectaire, in which a farmer digs a hole and strikes soup.

The comic is called BOTHER-Chickens (trust me on this) and the blitzenjammer book will be called The Ox because I needed ninety-nine arbitrary nouns and The Oxford Companion to Food was the book o’ nouns closest to hand.

Thanks Maryalice for the inspiration, and thanks Nana for the child care!

Wish me luck and an inexhaustible source of energy!